About company


Highlights from a long history…

Alfa Plastik, a.s. has been producing injection mouldings of plastic parts since 1955, which happened to be the first “workplace” in this region manufacturing plastics. It was situated in the original warehouse and paper mill in Bruntál.

At this moment, the history of Alfa Plastik has started developing:

  • years 1965-1967: production, storage and administrative buildings were built on the same place as Alfa Plastik a.s. can be found today
  • year 1967: the production was added to the group of factories “plastic press shop”, which turned production plant 02 Bruntál into one of the first plastic companies in Silesia and Moravia
  • year 1985: company expansion, adding the tool room
  • year 2003: beginning of the latest history, international expansion to Luck, Ukraine (production plant established to manufacture handling crates and packaging)
  • year 2006: the acquisition of company Strojplast, a.s. provided another Alfa Plastik, a.s production plant, situated in Tachov (Czech Republic). The whole production capacity enlarged, new assemblies and installations were added, and better logistic conditions were introduced to the German market.
  • year 2007: company’s first award – Obal roku (packaging of the year)
  • year 2008: major event – Alfa Plastik, a.s. was awarded by World Star for Packaging
  • year 2011: another award – Obal roku (packaging of the year)
  • year 2013: new director helps to restructure Alfa Plastik, a.s. which puts the company at the forefront places in plastic industry where it has always belonged
  • year 2016: another award – Obal roku (packaging of the year)
  • year 2018: return to the company’s past, inhibition of the Automotive production
  • year 2019: manufacture, trading and other activities that focus only on the development and expansion of crates and logistic packaging
  • year 2020: change of organizational structure with accent to the increase of production effectiveness, crate marketing and logistic packaging development in the European market area
  • year 2021: new owner, tool room closure