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IML technology

IML (In – Mould Labelling), also known as an injection in-mould labelling, inserts printed label directly in the mould container. It provides longer lifespan, more attractive design of the whole product, and the final product itself becomes an important medium of your brand identity.

We are the only company using the IML technology in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We offer up to 7-colour printing on your crates and packaging. Other possibility is to use our modern, automatic, and fast printing lines for larger production series.

Production of moulds

If you need to project, develop or produce injection moulds (up to 12 t weight), our tool room is at your service.

We also offer maintenance, adjustments and storage of pressing tools/moulds.

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Technical and custom-made mouldings

We have experience with pressing and complex assembly of technical and other moulded components. They are related to various branches, such as: logistic dollies, furniture components, consumer components or electrotechnical industry.


Do you need to arrange delivery, expedition or a delivery schedule? Do you need to adjust packaging and delivery to meet your requirements? Our logistics and expedition departments make certain that your demands are fulfilled.

Other services

We are prepared to help you in other areas as well, whether you are interested in recycling of old crates, support in design production, drawing documentation, project management or many others.

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