Cookies processing

What are cookies?


Cookies have small data files (short text files), which are stored on special computers with the help of an internet browser. Without these files, browsing the network would be more complicated and less convenient. Thanks to the cookies provided by the website, it remembers the actions and conditions of the user, who does not have to write them down in many ways. A newer and more productive product for users is available again.


Cookies can be shared on two types:


  • Temporary cookie files – are stored at your office only for the duration of the session (visits to the site). Most often, I ask for information to be transferred from one website to another (eg they add the product to the e-shop and keep shopping).
  • Persistent cookie files – more on computers. They help us identify two of them during the new visit (they do not invite you or in any way to personalize them.


The dormitory group sets up a number of third-party cookies. They are characterized by the fact that they are controlled by third parties who collect and collect these taxes. It’s np. cookie file for traffic analysis from Google Analytics or advertising system operators, which are used on our site.

Cookies do not constitute a threat for two of them or serve to collect suitable personal data. We use cookie cookies only for the purpose of general and generally for the purpose of maximum satysification. We do not use cookies to identify users or involve the use of logins.

Each user has the opportunity to exchange for those files. On the one hand, it should be borne in mind that in some cases, the inspection of an implied service or product may not be final.

Cookies usually take a few kilobytes on your device, but they do not take the right place of any place on the board.


What do we use for cookies?

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We use cookies to remember the information they use and maintain our information. Thanks to this, it is possible to personalize the site and it is not final to set it up with every business. It can be e.g. preferred language, text size or selected service.


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We use Google Analytics to better understand how our readers are interested and how they keep in our tour. During each visit, it preserves anonymous cookies. Thanks to the information we know, the user experience is taken away by our site, which section or often. This information is anonymous and not linked to any person. To find detailed information on Google Analytics, see hier .


How do I set cookies on my computer?


If your browser asked you to use cookie files, we found that you agree on the use of standard cookie files on our website. If you do not want to keep these cookies, it is possible to block their use.

You can set and manage cookies in your browser. Each standard browser supports cookie-handling (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

As part of the administration, you can post, block, exclude or select a cookie file for each individual website.

You will find the options for using cookies with the help of your browser. In the main searches you will find information:



If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail .