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A few words about our history...

Alfa Plastik, a.s. has manufactured plastic injection mouldings since 1955 when it became the region´s first ever plastic manufacturing "workshop". The company started out in Bruntál, at what was originally a paper storage and manufacturing site. This was start of what is now over sixty years of doing business.

1965 - 1967: Manufacturing plant, storage facilities and administration buildings constructed on the spot where Alfa Plastik, a.s. can still be found today.

1967: Production centre combined with the Plastic Pressing Centre, making the Bruntál 02 facility one of central Czechoslovakia's first plastics manufacturers.                                                 

1985: The enterprise expands to include the Tooling division                                                  

2003: Our modern history begins with our first expansion internationally – specifically to the Luck, Ukraine (crates and packaging manufacturing facility)                                                 

2006: Alfa Plastik, a.s. purchases Strojplast, enriching the company with a new facility located in Tachov, Czech Republic (business activities shift toward installation and final assembly)                                                          

2008: Alfa Plastik, a.s. awarded World Star for Packaging - a major event                                                          

2013: with a new owner, Alfa Plastik, a.s. restructures and again becomes a leader in plastics, an industry where it has always historically belonged